Issue with receiving faxes - Webhook subscription received with status Purged.

  • 3 November 2020
  • 5 replies

In October the receiving of fax subscriptions has failed multiple time and no proper error code or reason available for us to work on. This also affected the sending and reading of faxes. Whenever the receiving of fax failed, the sending and reading of faxes also failed. We had to regenerate the webhook subscription ID multiple times to overcome this issue.

We are noticing an increase in the number of subscriptions coming in with status as Purged. An example is as below.


5 replies

Yes, would like to know the reason behind an increase in these errors. I have already raised a ticket and posted a query on the developer forum as well. I haven't received any updates on the developer forum question.

We had to renew the subscription and then send a fax from the developer portal, to make sure it works. We do not understand the reason behind issues, and why the webhook fails and the incoming faxes are purged.

Following is an example of the "Purged" incoming fax. Time is in UTC.

2020-11-04 03:26:19.053

{   "uuid":"1219366765209121432",   "event":"/restapi/v1.0/account/334268009/extension/277890029/fax?direction=Inbound",   "timestamp":"2020-11-04T03:26:16.328Z",   "subscriptionId":"c73ed71d-61d5-4aa9-aea3-93ffb4123766",   "ownerId":"334268009",   "body":{      "uri":"",      "id":1379138253028,      "type":"Fax",      "availability":"Purged"   } }

Any updates on this issue?

Any updates on this? Our client's are facing serious issues because of this. Here is another example.


There is a limit for how many WebHook subscriptions you can create.

Are you trying to create too many of them?