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Issues using Einstein Conversation Insights (ECI) with RingCentral APIs

  • 5 April 2024
  • 3 replies

Issues using Einstein Conversation Insights (ECI) with RingCentral APIs

3 replies

Einstein Conversation Insights is a third party application built by Salesforce. If you run into issue or errors, please reach out to Salesforce team first.

Should Salesforce have any questions related to the APIs that are being leveraged by their application or if they need RingCentral assistance on troubleshooting any errors or any discrepancies in the responses received, they can then submit a ticket with the RingCentral Developer Support team with the following information

  1. The API requests for the APIs that are causing the error
  2. The complete Request body for the error request
  3. The Request ID that is available in the Json Response Headers for the error request
  4. The exact error message along the error code.
  5. The timestamp of when the error occurred.

Our developer support team if needed will be ready to jump on a meeting with a developer from the Salesforce side who is aware of the end to end implementation of ECI to assist with any troubleshooting that might be necessary.

Hello @Samyukta Bharadwaj Could you please share your which type of Flow or a method your using to generating an access token.? by using client id & client secret.

Hi @sreeram vempati, it is not an app developed by RingCentral and we are not sure which Flow it is using.

RingCentral supports several flows:

Most popular ones are JWT flow and Auth Code flow.
In order to know which flow the app is using, you need to ask the engineers who coded that app.