Issues with RC fax integration when emailing on behalf of an authorized user (EzyVet)

  • 17 March 2017
  • 2 replies

Having trouble with a third party application called (veterinary software hosted on Amazon servers).

  1. When we send through their application to RingCentral fax the message never makes it to the RC servers.
  2. When we send directly to RC from the authorized user's mailbox the message is delivered. Only difference is EzyVet uses Amazon SES to deliver the message on behalf of the user authorized in outbound fax settings (frontdesk@"domain".com).
  • We have modified our domain to include the servers for Amazon SES in the SPF record and EzyVet has confirmed we have it setup correctly.
  • We have also asked them to look into possible bounce back messages on the Amazon SES portal, but they claim there aren't any. I have worked with a dedicated RC Support tech (Rhyan Uy) and he can't find anything that says the message makes it to RC.

Please Help!! Getting desperate, as we are 6 weeks into this issue.

2 replies

We are looking into verifying Amazon SES support.

In the meanwhile, if Amazon SES is sending on behalf of the authorized fax user's email, that email may receive error emails for non-delivery. Can you verify if you are or are not receiving any error emails from RingCentral for fax delivery?

I do not directly have access to the Amazon SES email delivery logs. The third party application developer looked and said there are no bounce backs. They think that if there was an email delivery failure the bounce back would go to the email account they were sending on behalf of - I disagree, Amazon should have that log. I have confirmed the messages are not being sent to the on behalf of inbox.