List Devices - Which ID Field is DeviceID

  • 1 December 2023
  • 8 replies

I'm successfully listing devices, and I can identify my phone in the list. I want to do a make call out with this information, but I've tried several ID fields in the returned data, I'm not sure which one is correct. I'm getting CMN-102 error that the Device ID is not valid.

Which of the ID fields returned from List Devices should be used? The ID field directly after URI in the Records Array?

8 replies

You should check if the device status is "online".

  uri: '',
  id: '80297055xxx',
  type: 'SoftPhone',
  sku: 'DV-1',
  name: 'Softphone',
  serial: 'LM8JWMD6R',
  computerName: 'LM8JWMD6R',
  status: 'Online',
  phoneLines: [
    id: '1006902016',
    lineType: 'Standalone',
    emergencyAddress: { required: true, localOnly: false },
    phoneInfo: {
      id: 121412120016,
      phoneNumber: '+1209921xxx',
      paymentType: 'Local',
      type: 'VoiceFax',
      usageType: 'DirectNumber',
      country: [Object]

Thank you for the information. The device returned is always "Offline". The customer uses Ring Central softphone through Avaya Cloud for Google extension on Chrome. Do you know if this application supports providing the device ID for call control API usage?

I am afraid that the device id you see is not the device id of the soft phone you mentioned. I recommend you to open a dev support ticket so someone can have a look at your account and devices.


I followed your recommendation and created a ticket on the support forum. I received a confirmation email with a case number, but it's been several days and I've received no updates. When I go to this link, it indicates I have no open cases. Any advice for me?



Do you have the case number?

Reference number is 20971212

Check with the support team and they said that communication via email was sent yesterday but no reply. The email associated with the ticket is te*** .

Please guess the *** in the email.

Thanks, they reached out to me. However, the email address they sent from does not accept replies. Is there a website where I can respond in the ticket directly? When I go to this link there are no existing cases: