Login error do not have sufficient permissions to access this service.

  • 12 April 2017
  • 6 replies

I recently started service with RC, my app is approved in production "active in production". But when i trying login at with my account, i get a message like this:

"Sorry, you do not have sufficient permissions to access this service."

How cant fix this problem? Everything ok in sandbox.

6 replies


That is simply the login URL. Even when I click the link you provided it works for me. By the way, just so you are aware, all you need is .

I would check with your network administrator. It seems their settings on the network are not allowing you to access certain types of websites.
Minh,You mentioned an app. Did you developed an app on our developed platform? (For some sort of integration).If so we may need to refer you to our Developers Community.Mike
Hello Minh,

Were you able to login successfully or are you still having issues?
I am having the same issue. When I click on Activate link, it logs me in but shows above message.
Hi Minh and Rajeev,

I assumed that your developer account is the free-tier developer account. If that is the case, then you can only login to your developer account via or simply come to the developer portal at and click on the "Sign in | Sign up" button then click the "Sign In" button, which will redirect you to login the right account based on your account type.

Let me know if you are a RingCentral customer under Standard, Premium or Enterprise plan, but still cannot login directly via 

+ Paco
Hi Paco,

My glip account via  was working well till about 5 days back and now starting to show me this error - "Sorry, you do not have sufficient permissions to access this service."

This happens only on my laptop browser but my mobile app is working fine and I am also getting email notifications for messages sent on my account.

Can you take a look?