Long Delay in Fax Delivery

  • 16 March 2016
  • 6 replies

There is often a long delay (1-2 hours) after we submit a Fax API request, before RingCentral first attempts to deliver the fax. During this time, our outgoing fax messages just sit in the outbox of the extension that we're sending as. Anecdotally, this seems to happen more in the afternoon (Eastern USA time). I called the main RC support line, they told me that they cannot help and I need to contact developer support (which I did and waiting for a response).

I suspect this is not strictly an API issue, but I'm wondering if any other API users have experienced this. It's pretty important as our clients are not receiving time-sensitive messages in a timely manner. I wonder if RC is somehow de-prioritizing delivery of our messages, as we do send thousands of faxes per month using the API. This said, we are careful to not exceed the API rate limits.

Has anyone else had similar problems?

6 replies

Usually it takes us less than 2 minutes to send fax from the moment when it was applied. 

However the delay between moment when fax was created in DB and was sent  is depend on many parameters (number of recipients, size of attached files, etc).
Over the last few days we have had some network issues in production which are being investigated and resolved.

These issues in production could be affecting fax sending as well.

Are you continuing to see those same delays?
Benjamin, thanks for your response. Right now the messages in our outbox are only delayed 5-10 minutes, not bad considering that fax is not a real-time means of communication!

Most recently, we were seeing a 15-20 minute delay last Wednesday (3/16) and a 90+ minute delay the previous day (3/15).

Hopefully your network issues in production are behind us.

This issue is too common in case of fax. There can be many reasons behind the delay. Maybe some network delay on bandwidth and traffic. The best options are to contact the developer support team via email or submit a support ticket and ask them to investigate.

I'm a newbie here. I just joined in this community. I would like to set up fax service in my office. Can you please help me?

How does a free fax service work? I found cocofax a few hours ago. I am going to try free electronic fax find out more. This one is for free. I don't need to pay anything if I want to use cocofax. :)

Hi Mateo, getting started with faxing online is easy, you can learn more in different tutorials online. I don't know about Cocofax, but RingCentral is very easy to use. Regarding the original question I've experienced delays once but the team at RC were very helpful.