• 5 May 2017
  • 4 replies

I am trying to send a fax from my program it was working perfectly, then a few days ago I got this error:

{ "errorCode" : "MaintenanceMode",

"message" : "Service is overloaded, please retry later",

"errors" : [ {

"errorCode" : "CMN-211",

"message" : "Service is overloaded, please retry later"

} ]


I have no clue what or why this is being caused. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

4 replies

I have never seen this error before but it's quite obvious that it's a server side issue. I have reported this issue to our engineers and they will investigate and update you later.
It can happen from time to time, usually the error goes away if you retry your request within several seconds. Such response goes with 503 HTTP status code and "Retry-After" header which instructs you in what time (in seconds) you should retry your request. You can read more about error handling here:!#HttpStatusCodes.html

This maintenance mode error is very common and already discussed here in multiple thread like this

Just remember this is a temporary error

I have been doing various tests this AM and am getting that same error when making basic calls to the API status endpoint here: <production>/restapi/v1.0/status

I get it's temporary, but it seems pretty frequent!

"errorCode": "CMN-211",

"message": "Service is overloaded, please retry later"