MSG 242 Error in Sandbox when trying to send SMS

  • 6 December 2023
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Hello - I'm attempting to convert over from username/password login credentials to JWT. In setting up a new sandbox account with JWT credentials, I've tried to set up a simple SMS sending app. I'm able to login with JWT successfully, but when I try sending the SMS, I get back error Msg 242 ("The requested feature is not available."). As far as I can tell, the JWT credentials are set for sandbox and the new test App is set up with the correct scope (SMS). Please advise any thoughts to address this. Thanks

3 replies

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Please read this post and open a dev support ticket.

Okay, thanks Phong. I read the post and have now tried to add this sandbox account phone number to my existing TCR Campaign, but it won't allow me to add my sandbox number as a 'Linked Number' to the campaign. Any suggestions?

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I am not familiar with the new process. It's a new and sudden requirement from the carriers.You can open a support ticket the get help.