O@H "Phone Number Name" not appearing on inbound calls for desktop integration within Outreach

  • 21 August 2020
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Our sales team is currently using the O@H app to do inbound & outbound calls. We have the "phone number name" populated with the associated 800 #'s from our business web pages. This way when they get a call, they go into Salesforce and create the lead with the 800 # that just called in, and we can see which 800#'s are driving revenue.

We're looking to migrate from the mobile app over to the desktop version. We use a software application called Outreach for outbound prospecting. Within the Voice section of Outreach, there's a button to enable RingCentral/O@H. However, when testing, I called an 800 # and it routed properly but all that appeared in the call history was the customers number personal # & not the local DID from within O@H or the 800 # that we "named" it. This prevents the seller from being able to properly make the lead in SF.

I've been on multiple calls with O@H & RingCentral tech support (Mark Macasieb, Janeo Cruzate etc.) and it appears this is a gap in the functionality and would need to be developed within the Outreach system.

2 replies

The Outreach app is built by Outreach and you should report the problem directly to them so they can help fixing it. If they need help from us while fixing the problem, they will ask us and we can help.

Hey Phong,

Thanks for the response. We did engage Outreach and below was their response... There seems to just be a gap where "phone number name" is not a piece of existing functionality. When we log directly into the O@H portal I can see the "name", it works on the app, just not within your O@H dialer within Outreach

I hate to pass you back to RingCentral, but what I mentioned on the phone earlier about that box being RingCentral's "real estate" is true. We surface that in our application, but how it looks and what information is surfaced in that box is from RingCentral.

Our PM said that you will likely need to go back through their support. This behavior would be consistent with their extension/browser app no matter where you have open. Because of that, our PM mentioned that to stop from getting the answer of "Outreach owns the integration", you can provide them with the first screenshot (the expected behavior), and then a screenshot of the RC extension open on its own or on any application and show that the same behavior happens consistently (i.e. the inbound number is just not captured in the extension version).