OAUTH that used to work now gets "Error: Access not granted or expired.:

  • 26 April 2021
  • 2 replies

I have created an app that reads and updates my personal RingCentral address book. It has been running since August. This week after a flurry of errors one day last week, I started getting the error...

Error: Access not granted or expired.

at Service_.getAccessToken(Service:454:11)

I have fixed the problem that was generating the production error (badly formed address in the source data). I am still getting the OAUTH error. I have tried suspending and reactivating the app. No change. I have checked the OAUT credentials. They have not changed.

2 replies

What is your app's platform type? Or give me the the app client id so I can check.

I don't know if I found the best solution, but I changed my RingCentral account password and redid the Oauth approval dialogue. This generated a new CLIENT-ID and CLIENT-SECRET. Now everything works.