• 20 April 2016
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We are new to RingCentral. We have 65 phones at one of our locations in a 7 story building. We need to be able to page all phones at one time. We are told we can only page up to 25. Is there a way to expand this to all 65?

5 replies

You might be able to make special request to have RC change this limit for you, but the limit is for a reason.  It can create a lot of network traffic and cause issues.  It may also have the effect of delay so the page may sound strange as the voice might not be in sync across all devices.  Have you considered the RC supported IP paging speakers from cyberdata?
Hey Virgil,

This threshold is in place for the exact reason Brandon mentioned (it can bring down a network quickly with all the SIP signaling and traffic).
Thank you all for your responses.
Yes, and thanks for the extra information Brandon

but it sucks our company needs a paging system morethan 25 devices to be paged