Passing Attributes for Future Association Purposes

  • 30 March 2020
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I have a call center that is strictly outbound. I'm looking to pass unique call identifiers that come from my CRM when I place a call and Text. The purpose of this is so I can associate each call/text to the CRM for easy future access/reference. Doing this by "extension" doesn't work as each extension makes many unique calls throughout the day that I need to be able to map back to the record in my CRM. If there's a way for me to pass MY CRM attribute when invoking a call/text, I believe this would be an easy solution for me. However, when looking through the API docs, I didn't see where/how I could accomplish this.



4 replies

Can you clarify a few things:

1. Passing attributes (unique call identifiers) from what to what?

2. How are these call made? Click to dial or dial out from a RC softphone/desk phone etc?

3. How you CRM is integrated with RingCentral right now?

Currently, we pull our call recordings out of RC and there is no useful metadata that ties back to a transaction on my end. So, my thought is/was, can I initiate a call/SMS, and when doing so, pass certain data elements so that when the call/message is stored, it has this data for me to tie it back to a transaction in my system. So with that said:

1. Pass identifying attributes from my system (CRM) to RingCentral

2. Currently we use the desktop softphone app. However, there is no connection between the softphone app and my CRM to maintain attribution. So, I'm thinking of using ringout from my CRM

3. No connection. This is what I'm trying to establish.

My goal is to log all calls and SMSs on my end (outside of RC) so that I can easily access them and tie them to a specific transaction (in my CRM). Since the only way to find calls in RC is by date and extension (this doesn't work for's way too slow). And RC has ZERO SMS logging capabilities (HUGE oversight IMO)...I'm trying to solve these challenges on my own since RC has ignored them for years. I think I can do this if I can attach my data attributes to the RC calls/texts.


Thanks for the details!

First of all, you cannot pass any data/metadata to the RC call log. It is pretty much a read-only database (except the delete feature).

So the only option for your need is to implement a webhook notification and listen for OUTBOUND calls event (as you said in your original question). And also listen for SMS event as you mentioned about SMS as well.

When you receive an outbound call event, you can generate whatever metadata/data your CRM system needs, then use the sessionId or telephonySessionId from the notification payload as an identifier, then write the data to your CRM database. You will also receive a notification when the call ends, if you want to update your CRM instantly, you can use the sessionId to read the call info from the call log and then update your CRM db record using the sessionId or telephonySessionId as an identifier.

Let me know if this makes sense and you want to go for it, I can give you details which APIs you will need or how to implement it.

It does. Thank you for the idea!!