• 16 June 2017
  • 2 replies

Podio Integration. Can we integrate our Podio CRM with RingCentral please?

2 replies

I'd like to figure this out too.  I'm new to Podio as well as new to RingCentral but super fast learner    Is there another CRM or project manager similar to Podio that integrates better than Podio and allows quick calling to many leads like hundreds of calls daily
The answer to your question is Yes. 

A couple of our ISV Partners already have an integration between Podio and RingCentral, which you can find in our App Gallery here :

RingCentral Developer App Gallery 

For more instructions on how to setup the integration, I found a few links which might be helpful :
  1. Zapier ( ) 
  2. Workato ( ) 
  3. PieSync ( )