Postman collection?

  • 27 March 2017
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I love the fact that RingCentral's API explorer lets you kick the tires and test API requests to some extent.

But I sure would love to have a Postman collection of all of RingCentral's cURL methods along with sample form data that I could use to test in both Sandbox and Production modes by simply switching Postman environments...

I looked around on Github but came up empty. Any volunteers?

4 replies

Great suggestion! We are big fans of Postman at RingCentral as well and use it internally. At the same time we are big fans of the ecosystem benefits of a well specified API using Swagger and the Open API Spec which is available on our AP Explorer page:

To convert this spec you can use a variety of Swagger to Postman conversion tools:

Please try it out and let us know how it works for you on the RingCentral Swagger/OAI Spec.
I finally got around to looking at this myself and found some things with the RingCentral API made adding customizations useful. Specifically:

  • Ability to add Postman scripts (for auth)
  • Ability to override values (for URL hostname: production vs. sandbox)

To address these, I created my own Swagger 2.0 to Postman 2.0 converter which I've posted here:

Note: At the moment, Postman does not natively support JSON request bodies so you will have to enter the JSON bodies yourself using the Body Raw feature. Our API Explorer does support a JSON body request so you can enter properties without having to type in the raw JSON. It may be useful to support example request in Swagger which can be converted to a Postman raw body.
Thanks Jonh! I
 had given Swagger to Postman a try but wasn't able to make it happen

This looks promising:

The easiest way to open the collection is in Postman, go to to Import > Import from Link and use this link: