Problem with my production (waithing for review) what should i do?

  • 6 November 2019
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Hi ! My app is still in review from the past 2 weeks... it asked me to send doccument (what i did) and from this day no reply. I have been messaging dev email but never have any reply.





@Dev Team Testing Account


Here are the confirmation for my doccument (fax):
Dear Monica Pongo,

Case # 09691638

This is to confirm receipt of a valid CCAF from fax # (819) 370-8683 Today 9:56 AM for credit card 453737..7010 .

If you may need further assistance, kindly contact our Support Department through (888) 898-4591.

Client Verification

2 replies

I also had to add more details to mine after the first submission, it is waiting for approval again for about 5 days. I think so many users are trying to get an app to publish the devs are just behind on approving them.

In case of delay, you can send your request through email and ask them to review your request. You should also include the client id of your application in the mail.

Our team is still reviewing your app. It takes longer normal approval time because your app is concerned about SMS regulations. Please be patient and you will be contacted by the team via email about the approval result.