Republishing the App

  • 2 June 2017
  • 2 replies

Our Organization have an app in production and we are implementing webhook, so need to add webhook scope/permission to that app in prodcution, how to do and is there any other way without suspending the our app?

2 replies

Please read:

As per I know once your app is in production, you cannot change anything.

You need to submit a support ticket to ask the developer support team for any help. Once they added the permission with your request(not sure if they do.. most probably they don't) you need to test again for that permission you acquired.

The official recommendation is to create a new app, add proper permissions and graduate it. So in that case you need to go through again.

As per the link below it's mentioned "
You have to clone the app and add new permissions. Then test your app in the sandbox to make sure it uses all the new and old permissions and meet the max error rate requirement."