RingCentral call routing feature

  • 17 October 2020
  • 1 reply

We want to use RingCentral call routing feature. Currently we have created a sandbox account. The goal of our application is: retrieve the incoming call session status by using "pre-call control" and route the call to a specific number/extension using RingCentral Apis. We have found, the Call Control API requires the "Advanced User" permission. So, please help us to grant this permission so that we can access the Apis and proceed further. Also, please provide us the list of Apis, which will be used to complete these routing solution.

1 reply

Where did you find the info showing the Call Control API requires the "Advance User"? I think that is a mistake as I remember that we lift that restriction long time ago. Please share the source of the info so I can have a look at it. Or, open your RC app ( and goto app settings. If you see the Call Control permission, you are good to call the Call Control APIs.

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