ringcentral-csharp SDK?

  • 10 December 2015
  • 1 reply

I have exchanged few messages with John Wang around 4 months ago under this questions and was asking if we can go to production with csharp SDK. He told me "SDK is under active development and the interfaces are changing. We anticipate moving this out of alpha in a few weeks after which time the interface will be much more stable for backward compatibility purposes."

On Github I still see version 0.1.0 for ringcentral-csharp. Is this stable enough that we can use it on our production environment for fax and sms? or should I wait for version 1.0?

1 reply

The C# SDK is stable enough to use, however, we are still working on the next release which will have some slight modifications to the interface (classes / methods). These should not be major changes so, if you are okay with that, feel free to use the 0.1.0 SDK that is available now.