sandbox fax send: 400 "Bad Request"

  • 6 February 2016
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Here is output from my script which shows how the python requests class is building my request. I've compared this to the examples online and I don't see what's wrong with it. I have stripped out the actual html content and modified the destination fax number to hide where it's really going.

submitting content type: multipart/form-data; boundary=6b4176ac3af14157b06702ace82f6ad3  submitting data: '''--6b4176ac3af14157b06702ace82f6ad3  Content-Disposition: form-data;  Content-Type: application/json    {"to": [{"phoneNumber": "+15555555555"}], "faxResolution": "High", "coverIndex": 0}  --6b4176ac3af14157b06702ace82f6ad3  Content-Disposition: form-data; name="file"; filename="T0000001.htm"  Content-Type: text/html    
(html is here)  

--6b4176ac3af14157b06702ace82f6ad3-- ''' url='' status code=400 content type=application/json;charset=UTF-8 encoding=UTF-8 text='{ "message" : "Bad Request", "errors" : [ ] }'Here is the code generating that output:

 def SubmitFax ( self, fax_destination_number, html_file_name, html_file_content ):    access_token = self.GetAccessToken()        j = {     "to": [{"phoneNumber": fax_destination_number}],     "coverIndex": 0,     "faxResolution": "High",    }    files = {     '': ('', json.dumps(j), 'application/json'),     'file': (html_file_name, html_file_content, 'text/html')    }    if True:     e = requests.models.RequestEncodingMixin     body,content_type = e._encode_files(files,None)     print("submitting content type: {}".format(content_type))     print("submitting data: '''{}'''".format(body))    if False:     log('{0}: submitting data """{1}"""'.format(html_file_name, html_file_content))        headers = {     'User-Agent': self.user_agent,     'Authorization': 'Bearer {}'.format ( access_token )    }    url = '{self.url}/restapi/v1.0/account/~/extension/~/fax'.format ( **locals() )    print('url='{}''.format(url))    r = ( url, headers=headers, files=files )    if False:     example_error_response = """{    "message" : "Bad Request",    "errors" : [ ]  }'"""    #j = json.loads(r.text)    if True:     print('status code={}'.format(r.status_code))     print('content type={}'.format(r.headers.get('content-type')))     print('encoding={}'.format(r.encoding))     print("text='{}'".format(r.text))     return None  

4 replies

There may be issues with your fax MIME body. Compare your request to the ones in the following example page:
I found the problem. The example code I found online for changing the content type from multipart/mime to multipart/mixed had a bug that was clobbering the boundary tag.
Glad to hear the problem is solved.

The PHP and JavaScript SDKs have fax helper libraries, but the Python SDK doesn't yet. If you're interested in creating a generic one, it may be worthwhile to send a pull request.

The issue clearly shows the contentType... Since the fax api support attachments as data. 400 error is caused due to wrong content or mime type

Content-Type: multipart/mixed

The API allows sending a fax message with a multipart request, incorporating two or more parts.


Following reference has described the same: