SMS Emoji issues

  • 4 June 2017
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Our server based RingCentral integration handles SMS messages on behalf of Windows, Mac, and iOS front end clients, all of which appear to have different implementations of the Emoji character set.

Our issue with SMS emoticons are as follows:

1. Incoming SMS. Front end clients are able to display incoming emoticons so long as they share compatible platforms (i.e. iOS and macOS), but not if they are not (i.e. Windows).

The same inbound emoticon which looks fine on an iOS and macOS front end will not display on a Windows front ends.

2. Outgoing SMS. Unable to send outbound emoticons from any front end. Instead, the word "False" is substituted and that is what the SMS recipient sees.

I had originally posted a similar question on this forum but have had not response.

Would appreciate any assistance.

0 replies

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