Standard API URL to connect with RC system (instead of

  • 13 April 2021
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Our solution is using RC APIs to connect with our RC cloud and fetch the configuration data/information. From RC assigned sandbox we are using with Client ID, Client Secret and Extension assigned to us to collect that info.

However, I believe there must be a standard API URL (not devtest specific) that we can use to collect data from any RC customer (obviously with authorized and authenticated credentials).

Need to know what API URL and type of credentials required to connect and get the data form our RC environment OR any other customers RC

1 reply

To access RingCentral sandbox platform API, use

To access RingCentral production platform API, use

The platform domain is the same for any RingCentral account. But when you call an API, there is the path to identify which account to access, specified by the account id. If the API call is at the extension level, you must also specify the extension id. E.g. to send a SMS message:[accountId]/extension/extensionId/sms

If you provide an app to server any RingCentral customer, you must create a public app so anyone can login with their own login credentials. The platform will detect the account id, extension id if you specify them as a tilde "~".