Stumped on Password Flow URL

  • 28 July 2020
  • 2 replies

What are the complete HTTPS URLs to obtain a token and do a RingOut? I cannot piece together what this URL shd be from the examples. Everything is either just the first part of the URL or is a setting. I need the *complete* URL to get a token, then the *complete* URL to perform a RingOut between two phone numbers. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

2 replies

This API Reference document should provide the full URL for generating a RingOut: As for the full URL for retrieving a token... there are two resources I would direct you to. First is our RingOut QuickStart: Using this Quick Start you could write a program that uses Password Auth to generate a RingOut. A trace will give you all the API Calls needed. The API Reference will break this down in more detail: The full URL will be (for production):

I post this:

and I get this:


"errorCode": "AGW-404",

"message": "Resource not found",

"errors": []


What am I doing wrong?

(Note: I'm using both the "Try It" button in the RingCentral instructional webpage, as well as the "Postman" app. Both give the same result.