Unauthorized for this grant type

  • 20 April 2016
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I have two separate Company Accounts (one main office, one satellite office, each with their own main number) but when calling RingCentral support I hear (press 1 if calling about account called xxxx and 2 if calling about account called yyyy).

Everything worked fine when developing my program in the sandbox for the main office and the program is fully operational never generating any errors.

When I created a sandbox account for the satellite office, getting the Access Token (exactly as I did for the main office) generates the following and I cant figure out why:

Server: nginx/1.8.0Date: Wed, 20 Apr 2016 00:41:01 GMTContent-Type: application/json;charset=UTF-8Content-Length: 100Connection: keep-aliveRcrequestid: 8e2782ee-0690-11e6-bb68-005056bb8059Routingkey: SJC12P01PAS02X-Loadmetric: 6Www-Authenticate: Basic realm="RingCentral REST API"Content-Language: en


"error": "unauthorized_client"

"error_description": "Unauthorized for this grant type"


The header is

Authorization: Basic OENPRWxEUHRRMWVYY25PMWl6bk1GUxxxxxxxxxxFfS0d6QW1EaGd6NEVBMlg4TjQybC1TRUtiWXRLamZGSDMydw==

Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded;charset=UTF-8

The Payload is:


Any help would be greatly appreciate.

6 replies

Have you tried removing the plus symbol from the payload?

Have you setup the Sandbox account with a new user in ?

Are you using the correct API Keys (app_key and app_server for your satellite office's new sandbox account)?

Are you using the correct base URI and route: ?

Have you made sure to add the colon (:) between the app_key and app_secret when you are base64 encoding it?
The problem included the fact that I was doing EXACTLY what you said.

 It seems the correct URI is  and NOT

When I requested and Access Token with the first URI, I finally saw the message "STATUS: 200"!!!

So you're all good now?
Yes. All good. Thank you.
Thanks for the update. :)

es the correct url for access_token is below which many developers make mistakes:

While you can try to get the token setting header

Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded