Webhook 400 BadRequest

  • 25 April 2024
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I'm working off of this article.

and I get a /502 Bad Gateway error on my ngrok terminal and a 400 Bad Request on my Webhook-notification.js terminal.
My code seems to be failing at this point in the subscribe_for_notification function.

I also tried this tutorial and I get see a 400 Bad Request error but also a OAU-251 error instead. I error out during the login here. I've tried both basic auth and JWT

client_id: WJYXofu7pt7dSbcylvWvFn

Also I don't know if this is related, but when I register a application, it goes straight into Production instead of Sandbox. Is that normally how that should happen?

Is there something that I'm missing?

2 replies

I found the issue with the first "quick start" article. I just needed to set the PORT to 5000 instead of 30001714074155255.png

Should I be seeing something on the Webhook-server.js terminal? When I send a SMS I don't see anything.

Thanks for pointing out. My bad when I tested the sample code the port 5000 was running and I forgot to change it to 3000 for most of the languages. I will fixed and release the update soon.