What am I calling when I send a POST?

  • 6 August 2020
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My impression of a REST server is that I can send a GET or POST to a REST server, and the REST server sends back a response. There is nothing in between. However, am I understanding the RingCentral situation to be different? Do I have to 1) create an "app" 2) find out the Client ID and Secret of that app 3) then send a POST or a GET to the app, and the app talks to the REST server?

I'm trying to understand why, every "app" I create has a different client ID and secret, and yet my developer account has it's own username and password, which is different again. I can't figure out what values to put where in my URL, or in a Postman POST command. I always get an "Invalid creds" error.

Can someone make a working Postman session, save it, then send it to me, so I know what I'm supposed to put where? I don't use any of the languages of the programming examples. Postman is a great generic tool, that does everything needed, and it's settings can be translated to any programming language.

1 reply

I am not sure if any issues you are facing. RingCentral allows to create their application and when an application is created, we can consume various RingCentral APIs as per our need and as per the application is configured.

There is a flexibility that you can create a single app and load it with different features like SMS, Calls, Fax etc or create separate apps to separate these feature via separate API calls distinguished by different Client Id.

The main purpose of creating different apps is to separate these features and call it separately as I mentioned and also other reason is, an organisation can have different clients with different requirements. So based on that we can create different apps and provide it to different clients based on their need. So, each application given to each client will have different Client Id which mark the identity of the app.

RingCentral API already have API references describing each API in the API reference page where you will get all details and input parameters for each APIs.

There was a postman collection as well here in the reference forum answers but not sure if it is still there and still valid.