What's the current way to build inbound and outbound calls from browser? In doubt between WebRTC and REST API

  • 20 August 2020
  • 2 replies

Hello! I can't really find a definitive path to build inbound and outbound calls in the browser.
I see two paths, but either don't seem to have a clear entry point.

For example I see
1 - this API:
2 - this WebRTC telephony:
3 - and I'm insure if is the same as number 2.
I did had success in using the embeddable widget and also the Ringout in Node.js, but neither are what I seek.
I seek transparent inbound and outbound calls.

So, what's the overall route to follow here?
What to setup and then try to use?

2 replies

1- The APIs under Voice category are mainly for call control and initiate a call such as make a ring out or call out call. Thus, you don't build a phone but just control a phone call.

2- WebRTC, this is the stuff for you to build your own Web phone. You will have to implement your own UI (a dial pad) for your user to make phone call or pickup incoming phone calls.

3- This is a tutorial that shows you how to implement a Web phone using the RingCentral WebRTC SDK.

The embeddable is a widget that make it easy for you to embedded a phone into your web page w/o the need of building one. It provides the UI and it also uses the WebRCT under need to handle inbound/outbound calls.

Alright, thanks for shedding a light in my path! Will look into creating a phone with WebRTC to make and receive calls in the browser.