Where can I see the 3 dots with popup integrations link

  • 18 October 2020
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I wonder where is displayed the 3 dots and the pop up with link to Integrations as below:

This is part of our Documentation how to install our upcoming Anti-scam Shield integration I created some time ago but I do not see it anymore - where is it? -

Our documentation must be very easy with correct steps for users to follow.

Overall does it look right to you?



4 replies

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Hey, Stan! Looks like this screenshot from your documentation is from the Classic app. If you're not seeing the three dots, you're most likely on our new RingCentral app in which the integrations puzzle icon is standalone on the bottom left hand side of the app.

Thank you Becky.

1) Yes I understand that interface has changed... and yes I remember seeing that "puzzle icon"... but when I login to my Ringcentral admin panel I do not see it... so i wonder how to guide the potential user to even download our integration... how to make it easy for a non tech business owner to get our app with a few clicks...

2) Also are there any requirements such as recommended browser for I see the loading graphic rotating forever... and there is no way to get our of that screen - I'm using Firefox

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Hey, thanks for getting back to us. It may benefit you to visit the Developer Portal which you can access via Service Web.
I've enclosed a screenshot here to assist.

eh not much to do with Developer Portal... that is for developers... My question is totally different:

Think about the average small business owner tired from all the technology crap arround, and all business issues he has to deal with. How to tell this person that doesn't even want to look at the computer screen anymore... How to tell him / direct him in a couple of simple clicks to install our app from the Ringcentral App gallery.

I guess the user has to go / login to his/her RingCentral Admin panel (hopefully it is same as what I see when I login) - then what? how to install our app from there with just one more click..? How to tell them step by step and what is the easiest, simplest, straightforward way to install our add-on with minimal clicking... - that is my question. How to instruct the user...

Obviously the 3 dots is not the right example (not the right direction) since it is somewhere in the Developer area... User has nothing to do in that area...