Zoho Integration

  • 10 April 2018
  • 4 replies

We utilize both Zoho ONE and RingCentral. I have integrated RingCentral within Zoho ONE and am curious if there is/will be a way to integrate the RingCentral texts into Zoho.

4 replies

Hi Amanda, Zoho built their integration with RingCentral, so you should reach out to Zoho with this request.  Technically our platform can absolutely support such an integration.
I have the same question.  Will check with Zoho.

Has anyone received a response from Zoho on this?

I have found someone that has developed an extension to integrate the texts, but it is very buggy.  
Hi there is an issue with the RingCentral Zoho integration which Zoho say is not their side. Effectively, if automatic call recording is enabled in RC and you use the click to call button in Zoho, it is not possible to toggle off the automatic recording from the softphone. 

Toggle off works when a call is not made via click to call.

This is a significant bug for us as when we call clients we need to turn off recording when taking cad payments