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  • 24 February 2023
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Hi everyone! Meet the Top Contributors for this week. These people deserve recognition for making our Community a place where teamwork happens!

@Raychelle Wheeler & @Heather Thurman, there is nothing we like more than seeing customers collaborating with each other! Thanks for using the Community to discuss and share your solutions!
For our other customers who are working remotely and internationally, check out this thread to see how Raychelle set herself up for success!

@tak-it1 & @Richard Valenta , Tak-it1 has proven to be one of our Community’s best champions sharing workarounds and solutions for his fellow members. And in this thread, we see that even old questions in the Community provide good info and support! Thanks to both of you for returning time and time again with your questions and answers.

And a RingCentral shout out to @Byrne Reese from the Platform Team for lending a hand in updating the Python SDK for our Developer members!

Thanks for all you do, our dear members! Wishing you a happy Friday, and a wonderful weekend ahead!

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