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  • 16 June 2023
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Hey Community Members! I hope you're all doing well. Before our team jumps into a three-day weekend to celebrate Juneteenth, I want to celebrate and give thanks to our top contributors for the week.

@doug123 we appreciate your kindness in sharing an update about the newly released feature called “Pairing a deskphone with the RingCentral app”. There’s been a lot of discussion about this functionality and your comment came in at the perfect time!

In addition to the above, thanks to @Joe MacHoll for sharing his use case and bringing his great attitude!

@Andy Anderson thanks for your very informative answers to the two questions below. Appreciate that! .

Shout out to you @Gurpreet Singh! Thanks for making sure to update customers with known issues. In case anyone is also having issues with SMS logs, check the link for this thread at

Have a great weekend to everyone, and Happy Father’s Day to all amazing dads out there!

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