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RingCentral Meetings app retiring, but no Linux version of new RingCentral app

I recently received the email message saying
Don’t wait—the RingCentral Meetings app is retiring
We will retire the RingCentral Meetings app on September 28, 2021. Get the new RingCentral app to keep hosting and joining video meetings…

There seems to be no Linux implementation of that though.

My new notebook computer for work is a System76 running PopOS (Ubuntu) and I have been successfully using the RingCentral Meetings app on it, but apparently, that option is going away.

Will I be able to use all (or most) of the RC meetings features via a Web browser without needing to install the new RingCentral app?

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I can see feature request is already there with similar requirement in Idea portal:

Please vote and support these request so that RC team can review and implement in future.

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Hey, @Steve Jorgensen My understanding is that, yes, the browser version will work for your purposes.
But I'm digging into this issue with some internal folks around if this feature will work for you right now.
Stay tuned, I'll be circling back!

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Hey, @Steve Jorgensen Hit me up at - I'm in contact with a product manager about a RingCentral Labs project around this. Let's chat more to see if it's a fit!

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Becky -- super un-impressed with your decreasing Linux support.

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Sorry to hear that, David. I know this is on the roadmap, but is there some specific feedback that you'd like to share. If you have a specific use case, I would recommend adding it to the Ideas Portal if it isn't already in there.

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