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Voicemail Caller ID / Callback Number Dictation Missing

Hello Support,

Currently, caller ID number dictation is absent when listening to voicemails by phone; the listener only hears the date and time and the message itself.

I presume this is in response to unsolved bug case # JIRA CNV-28823 (seen here in this thread) where voicemail caller ID's were being announced numerically ("two-billion, one-hundred million-"....etc) instead of phonetically ("two-one-"....etc), and RC has simply chosen to disable the feature until a fix is implemented.

As understandable as that choice may be, it's discouraging to see that the bug has gone unfixed for what seems to be 2+ years now...

Impact: this feature is a core part of any decent phone system, and it's something that we, and I'm sure many others, have grown to expect and rely upon daily. We implore you to get it working again as soon as possible.

If it's welcomed, we're also willing to help troubleshoot, beta test or lend any other assistance that may expedite a fix. Just let us know here in the thread and we can connect privately.

Thank you for your time and consideration,


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Hello, @NPLH I can see that the JIRA has been closed. Please get in touch with Technical Support for troubleshooting this issue. You may create a case here.

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