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"Sorry, we were unable to upload the file because it no longer exists."

So, one of our users has been getting the error consistently when trying to attach files in Ring Central Message. The file name turns red, and the file won't send. But the files do exist. The permissions on the folders are normal, and I've even tried to deleting the user's profile on the computer and having them remake it in order to rule out a user account issue, still nothing. It will not work from other ring central accounts on her user profile, but it will work on ring central accounts on other user profiles on the same computer. I have no idea what's happening, I'm at a loss here. Does anyone know what could be going on?

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I can't solve this, but here are some troubleshooting ideas.
- send a file to her through RingCentral. Have her download the file. Is she able to open it & send it back?

- Reproduce the issue. Write down the exact date&time you did. Write "/debug-save" as a message to a random person, without the quotation marks. This will download the app logs and won't send any message to whoever it was typed to. Send the logs to support.
Include 3 screenshots(of error msg, of file you are uploading within folder, of same file successfully being sent over from a different profile on same computer, etc.)

- If you are using the desktop app, see if you can reproduce the issue on the browser app and vice versa.
This is the link for the browser app for US:

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Thank you, I didn't know logs could be obtained that way. For the other two steps, we've done them, she was able to open the file, but not able to send it back, and it does the same thing on the web version of the app.

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Is RingCentral the only app that is affected? In other words, are you able to upload/send files to other apps(i.e email attachments or whatever you can think of). If the same issue exists with other apps we(you :D) can focus on the user profile/ how it is created & set up, etc.

Not sure if it is feasible, but can you create a 2nd user profile for her and test there, without deleting the bad one, that is having the issue?

I don't think I can come up with anything else for this case.

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