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Can I subscript to other extension's SMS event?

I have an urgent question about subscript to SMS message-store event. If I am an administrator, can I subscript to other extension's SMS event so that I receive the SMS that belongs to their number?

I found the following two links about the present event, but I am just not sure about the SMS event and if it will work for the direct number of other extensions.

Can you please confirm?

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in our current version of the product administrators don't have the access to users' messages including SMS. It means that it is impossible to get information about another user messages neither through regular REST call nor via subscription.

There is an enhancement request to implement permission-based access to other user messages but unfortunately I can't provide any estimates now when it will be approved and released.
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Is there any movement on this enhancement request? I currently have a need to archive all SMS in a CRM. It looks like in order to do this I need to iterate over each extension authorizing each request with the user's password. That would mean I need to store the passwords and hope I get notified if someone changes theirs :(
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Unfortunately, there is no message-store access for company level. This means that even an admin extension cannot access the message-store of other standard extensions. I think this is because of some privacy protection restriction but not 100% sure about it.
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I think if you authorize under SuperAdmin user it will be possible to access other users' messages.

To subscribe you can specify multiple filters (for each extension) in subscription like:

   "eventFilters":    [


For polling you should be able to explicitly access other users' mailboxes by specifying corresponding extensionId in Message Store API call, see!#RefMessageList.html
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If I am not mistaken I believe you would still need the password for each extension to get at their messages. 
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You are mistaken. You can authorize under Admin user and access messages of other extensions by providing those extensions' IDs in URI. No need to know the password of every extension.
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Great! I'll give it a whirl. I was suspect as most everyone posting about this says it's not possible.
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