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Airpods instead of headphones

I would like to find out how to use my Airpods instead of headphones when making calls. I am not able to hear anything.

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When making a call using the mobile app, it should allow you to select your audio source while on your phone call. I use a bluetooth headset with my mobile app, and once I make the call if I don't already have it selected, I am able to change the audio source from there. 

Let me know if you have any questions finding this selection.

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kavanaugh12297 avatar image kavanaugh12297 samrizzo6419 commented ·
Yes w/mobile app I can use them.  However, on my desktop I can't.
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chelsea14056 avatar image chelsea14056 commented ·
Hi! I have a user in my company that wants to do the same thing (use his AirPods with the RC Phone app on his desktop.) He can use them ok with the mobile app, but does not get any audio when he tries to use them with the desktop client. Has anyone figured out a way to get this to work?
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garyd-martin avatar image garyd-martin chelsea14056 commented ·
Have you had any success finding a solution to this? We have had an issue with just about any bluetooth device we try. It works at times but often drops the audio at one end or the other.
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shaun-jeavons12649 avatar image shaun-jeavons12649 commented ·
Hi I seem to be having the opposite problem.  I cannot get airpods to be the audio device when making or receiving a call from an Android when using ringcentral app (but the native calling app works fine).  Is a MotoG4 running Android 7.  No options to select audio device are present during call, only prior to calling a contact (for clarification - if I select Ring Central as app to use it does not come through the airpods.  If I select 'phone' native app it 'does' come through the airpods)
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cglassy3135 avatar image cglassy3135 commented ·
2287 USA based users, 28 different sites, 3800 DID lines - all Polycom VVX500 phones 2018-11-12 Bluetooth headset connectivity is a long standing issue with the Desktop and Mobile apps. We are tracking it here and added the airpods recently to our list.
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shaun-jeavons12649 avatar image shaun-jeavons12649 cglassy3135 commented ·
Thank you Cecile, will keep an eye on it. 
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cglassy3135 avatar image cglassy3135 commented ·
2287 USA based users, 28 different sites, 3800 DID lines - all Polycom VVX500 phones 

2019-01-14 Still not working with RingCentral Desktop.  You can try going to your Windows Sound Control Panel in Settings and see if you can force the Airpods to be the default output and input device. We were not able to get it to work with the Android version of airpods.

We are tracking the issue of RingCentral Windows Desktop and Mobile App bluetooth connectivity with other brands of earphones here. Stay tuned. RingCentral is working on it.  We would love an official update if possible. 
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kyle-mickelson14683 avatar image kyle-mickelson14683 cglassy3135 commented ·
Anything new on this? I am still having issues on the RC Phone app with audio using airpods. They work just fine when testing music on my PC or microphone functions outside of the app.
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