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Porting out: possibility of porting out numbers acquired through RC

We are already a user of the RC service, and want to expand the numbers we have through RC. However, we run into that one of our current provider can't release a local number which we acquired through them (they basically assigned that local number to us), so in order to move on we need to change all of our official paperwork...  

So we are eager to learn what are the policies at RC for each of the following separately: 
  1. Local, 
  2. Toll-free, 
  3. International 
  4. Vanity,  
  5. numbers we are porting in.
Thank you in advance for the information,
Ferenc Fazekas
porting and number transfer
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My new provider has attempted to port my numbers OUT of RC 6 times so far with all 6 being rejected. I have called personally with no resolve.

RingCentral: you promised me that the numbers I gave you would be mine to have back if I ever decided to leave. GIVE THEM BACK!!!


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Hello Lorelei,

Please send us an email so we can check with the status. Email us at

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I have worked with various providers over the years and I have never had so many issues and lack of support from RingCentral. This has been true right up to the end.

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Hi Ferenc! 

You can actually learn more about our Porting Policies by clicking on this link in your account:

On this KB are references to other specific questions regarding different types of phone numbers. You can also give our Porting Team a call at 888-898-4591 :)
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Very simple to port in any number

very hard to port out the number need a day or two to understand how to port out

Also no more porting telephone customer support since dec 2020

I am still digging, how to port out,

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Hi Mohammad,

Have you already reached out to your new provider and asked them if they already sent a request to RingCentral for porting out your numbers?

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I have also attempted to port my numberst OUT of RC and RC keeps rejecting the request.

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Hi @Carlita Tolbert, please send us your details at so we can check on the status.

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I dont have any details. No one has reached out to help me with porting our numbers

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Send us details like your RingCentral number or Company name.

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