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I do not get notifications on my smart watch when I get a Ring Central call in the app

I have ring central app installed on my Samsung Galaxy S8 and all of my notification for my phone flow through my Asus ZenWatch 2 except when I get a Ring Central phone call through the app. All of my other notifications for my phone are set to silent because I get my notification through my watch, except Ring Central calls which cause my cellphone to vibrate.
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Ditto, have had RC for years and will still miss calls because of this. Help us more technologically adept people and bring functionality to Samsung

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Hey Fischer, I know we have limited support for the Apple Watch....I'm looking into other smart watches, but we may not support them
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Hi Fischer, looks like at this time we do not support other smart watches
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@saadet.swift we are about 2-1/2 years later any chance functionality will be coming to Samsung watches so we can get call notifications

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Instead of building separate apps for iphone, samsung, and google wear, I propose you just add a functionality to the phone app that enables sending alerts to your smart watch. I have a samsung gear that doesn't allow me to add apps to the watch itself, but can receive alerts from mobile phone apps.

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I will get a missed call notification, but no notice that my phone is ringing. Doesn't seem right.

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