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How can we disable GLIP for all Users? Have looked at "Roles" under "Users" in Admin account and do not see option to disable GLIP

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carlos1 avatar image carlos1 commented ·
From a similar conversation from a month ago.

Seems you might have to make a request from senior technicians and it is subject to approval. 
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Yitzchok Knopfler avatar image Yitzchok Knopfler commented ·
Could be it is unable to disable Glip, you can definitely disable the user you want to disable, but then their entire account will be disabled and they will not be able to use Glip with your company credentials as they can still use it with their own ones as glip is a free app that anybody can have.

In our company we do have some users where Glip is disabled, we're doing it through our custom firewall, where we blocked all URLs Glip is using.
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arun-guha avatar image arun-guha commented ·
I made the request to disable GLIP for our account during Implementation with our account Implementation Analyst and Senior Technician and they simply said no way it can't be done. I was instructed to block GLIP using our headend to block it from access. We are a multi-site customer with multiple locations. I have taken other measures to ensure our user base does not know about or cannot log in to their GLIP account. Thankfully they have not discovered free GLIP.
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jenn-community-moderator avatar image jenn-community-moderator ♦ commented ·
Hi Jay! 

You need to create a Custom Role first, uncheck the part for RingCentral Apps, then you have to assign a user. 

Please let me know if you have further questions! 
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ziven-nickerson avatar image ziven-nickerson jenn-community-moderator ♦ commented ·
Hi Jay, I was running into this same issue.

Since we do not need to use GLIP and it is primarily accessed through the Unified App (the one with the "R" logo), we decided to simply disable access to it and this resolved our issue.

To do this, you have to follow Jenn's instructions above.
Under the Custom roles, you will need to make a role that has "Desktop app" and "Mobile app" disabled. 

This will still allow the use of the Ringcentral Phone app and Desktop phone app to make and receive calls, accessing Voicemails and text/fax messages while disabling the Unified desktop app and Unified mobile app completely.

I tested this with a temporary user account and if I try to access GLIP through the Ringcentral phone app, or either Unified app, or the web portal (, it will not allow access to GLIP but leaves all other functionality in place. 

You might have to make some minor changes to workflow and operations with these two apps but it seems like a workable solution so far.

Let me know if you need any help!

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jay-cusimano avatar image jay-cusimano jenn-community-moderator ♦ commented ·
List of Apps are: 
Desktop App
Mobile App
Phone App for Desktop
Phone App for Mobile
Third Party Apps

If I uncheck "Third Party Apps" will that disable GLIP?
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jenn-community-moderator avatar image jenn-community-moderator ♦ jenn-community-moderator ♦ commented ·
Hi Jay! 

That would be Phone App for Desktop and Phone App for Mobile, you need to uncheck both of them.

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Michael Robles avatar image Michael Robles commented ·

Has there been any resolution to this? Now that the old app is being decommissioned and users will need to use the integrated one, we need this now more than ever for compliance reasons.

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tomc11593 avatar image tomc11593 Michael Robles commented ·

We tried to co-ordinate this previously with our account manager, they sent us round in circles and it was never progressed. We are going to have to raise this again, as having Glip available is an IP issue for us.

You really need to make this easier for your customers to turn off. Understand you want to push the service, but we are paying for the platform and should be able to choose which bits we require.

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ben-w9163 avatar image ben-w9163 tomc11593 commented ·

Hi, yes, our account manager sent the request to someone called "Account Manager from our specialist Signature department" (no idea what this is) be he did action it and said it will be complete on Wednesday 7th April. I'm not sure why it takes so long, but clearly its something that lots of people are requesting if there is a 3 week wait. I'll let you know if all has gone to plan on the 8th.

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mary-community-moderator avatar image mary-community-moderator ♦♦ Michael Robles commented ·

Hi Michael, please coordinate this with your Account Manager.

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Michael Robles avatar image Michael Robles mary-community-moderator ♦♦ commented ·

Thanks Mary. I'll do that.

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