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Task Conversation posts Disappearing from Tasks and Team

Multiple tasks across multiple teams in our organization are losing messages in the conversations of task. We are also losing the updates that crossposted into the corresponding posts in the appropriate teams.

Are there expiration periods on the posts in a task's conversation or is there a known bug where these disappear? We had been using the conversation panel or tasks extensively so it would be a big issue to have to switch to attachments or some other workaround.

Example here. The red line represents an area where originally the task had a posted update, but the text is now missing both from this area AND from the team chat.

Thank you,

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I have not heard that there is n expiration, @Bryan Ridgell. Would you please submit a ticket for this? You may click here.

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Hi Mary,

Appreciate the reply. This issue dates back to RingCentral Classic and since Task replies are handled in a different way in the new RingCentral App this is no longer an issue.

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Thank you, Bryan.

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Maybe someone has an answer, because mine have been disappearing randomly off and on for the few years I have used Tasks. At first I was questioning whether I was sane and just kept thinking I had not added replies, but as time went on, I realized they were in fact disappearing from the replies thread. Sometimes they still show up in the message thread for assignee - in this case mostly me -  but sometimes not. Definitely a bug.

I contacted support once about it, but that particular day it started working right - even as it was wrong right before I called, so I didn't get anywhere, and haven't pursued it again. Unfortunately, I never know when it is going to happen, as the messages are there till I go back the next day or some other time. Then I see that whole conversations are gone - or just a reply or two. Not good!
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Up to 8 attachments (including images) can be used with a maximum of 1.0 MiB each and 10.0 MiB total.

Do you still have this issue in the new RingCentral app? Once Task replies were implemented in the new app this issue did not persist. Due to the lag time in the feature add we did move on to a third party task management solution in our organization, however.

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