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Add Alternative Host Feature in RingCentral Meetings

There was a thread regarding "Add Alternative Host Feature in RingCentral Meetings" where RingCentral reps had promised for literally years to add the ability to have multiple people be able to start a meeting.

The last update for that was "sometime in 2020" and they've since killed that message board entirely.

This is still urgently needed. Such a basic issue of feature parity with Zoom should not take that long to implement.

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The "Alternative Host" feature has been part of Zoom for years ( I can't believe this hasn't been enabled for Ring Central Meetings yet.

Having the ability to have co-organizers makes it so much simpler to manage recurring meetings. When the scheduling host goes on vacation, the alternative host can continue with the same meeting invite. It's a mess to manage rescheduling and juggling multiple links just because this feature isn't enabled on the tenant.

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RingCentral may have destroyed the old forum so they can get rid of their customer service track records, but they can't delete email notifications. This is from June 2020.

If you need this very, very basic functionality, find a different company.

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@jason-creager I can assure you we are not trying to obscure any old content. We made a move to a new forum and some threads got a bit scrambled. The Product Team is aware of this ask and when there is an update we will advise.

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Please add Alternative Host to RingCentral Meeting or Video asap, because users of Zoom can use this feature anytime.

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@Yutaka Ando We have an idea in the Ideas Portal for this! Please add your vote and any use case information in the notes if relevant!
We're better able to assist Product with prioritization via the Ideas Portal.

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This was previously promised to be ready in 2020, repeatedly in the old forum that's been scrubbed from the RingCentral website. That is 51 days from now.

Why on earth does it suddenly have to be voted on again, Becky?

If you're never going to add it, please be honest and just say so.

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Jason, I wish it were that easy. We are in contact with Product and they are always evaluating where they can add features.
If we can share any definitive answers, we absolutely will.
But for now, we're waiting to hear from the product team. We'll be sure to continue to stress the urgency of this feature for you and your team.

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Please add alternative host option to Ring Central. This feature is available in Zoom, Webex, GoToMeeting, Google Meetings - it is a basic feature that has been promised since we started using ring central. Our trainer said it was there.

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