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Will Themes be arriving soon to the Desktop App?

I've tried the *new* App several times, and keep going back to the Classic App, which allows me to select a Theme that works best for me. I intensely (yes, INTENSELY) dislike the design of the new App, including the Dark Mode, which lacks any contrast settings to make it readable (and both light and dark mode look like they were designed by tween-agers for the under-six-years-old crowd).

Please add in some Themes or at least the ability to set the background colors of each section and some font color selections. I'll keep using the Classic App in the meantime.

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You can always ask this features here by adding that idea for future implementation

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We would encourage you to vote on this Idea here.

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Thank you Becky - I actually am the one that posted that idea. :-) I appreciate your suggestion!

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OH! The names are different! Thanks for posting! I believe this is something the product team is working on. So, stay tuned. We'll always update the Community and the Ideas Portal.

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Very nice......I'm using the High Contrast Theme and it works well for my needs. :-)

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Great to hear!
Thanks for sharing with us!

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Hi Everyone, in addition to the dark theme, three light-colored themes were added to the latest RingCentral App feature release.

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