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Auto answer when connected by Bluetooth

This has been asked about in a few questions, but no useful answer has been posted.

When connected to my car via Bluetooth, my phone automatically answers calls. How do I stop this happening?

The one instance of this being asked blamed the phone/headset, but as it is happening on various phones and Bluetooth devices it would seem to be a feature of the app.

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I have been having the same issue. After numerous discussions with tech support they told me it is a known issue with no anticipated time frame for fixing the problem.

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Hi @Gavin Davis, we apologize for also having this issue. We are closely monitoring this bug, and we'll give you updates when it's resolved. Thank you!

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@Mary-Community_Moderator Is there something tracking this that we can be added to? I have users experiencing this as well and it's not safe to have a user suddenly having someone distract them while they're driving.

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Hi Gavin,

Please up vote the community idea CUSTCOM-I-4862 as support have decided this is a feature request.



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Same here. auto answers every time pn Uconnect BT on all vehicles. ( we have e 4 vans in our fleet) Samsung phones. Help!!!! very annoying and only solution is to turn off BT


Same issue. Unconnected BT in Dodge and Chrysler. Auto answers all incoming calls which is horrible when someone thinks they're calling an office 800 and a guy in moving car answers. 2 different Samsung phones and vans

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I am being told by support right now this isn't an issue. Clearly it is. Any reasonable solution yet?

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I'm frustrated because I've had this issue since last year with my UConnect/Samsung combo for my personal vehicle. My work vehicle has a replacement stereo (which was working fine until the other issue started with my personal vehicle) and I can't make calls out. I can receive them, but if I dial out, it hangs up so I have to use speakerphone.
Hope it is resolved soon.

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exact same problem here. i opened a case, to which they responded that it's a known bug, they are working on it and will inform me when it's fixed - and in the meantime i won't get any status updates. Completely unacceptable given this issue has been reported here for months. I cannot have calls auto-answer with customers popping in without warning while I drive without choosing to answer. It's costing me business and sadly I'm going to have to go through the hassle of switching to another phone service

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