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Why does RingCentral Classic keep reinstalling itself?

For the past several months, we've had our users adopt the new RC app to replace RC Classic. However, the RC Classic app somehow keeps reinstalling itself within hours or by the next day (after a reboot), and then becomes the default app that opens at startup instead of the new RC app.

How can we fully uninstall the RC Classic app from Windows 10 systems? This is taking up way too much of our bandwidth. I have started just leaving RC Classic installed on our systems (been through this loop four times myself), though that is really not the solution we expect.

I do have an open case on this, but it's been on PKI Hold since January.

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Hi @Anastasia, this issue is still being worked on. Once this is resolved, an update will be provided to you since you opened a case regarding this.

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Hi Mary -- thanks for the quick update. Glad to know it's still an active case and being worked on. A separate case on PKI Hold was closed on me recently with no information provided. I had to make a second case to get info on what the fix was.

Hopefully, the fix here comes soon. It's really giving us a black eye in our organization and casting doubts on RC. :(

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Sorry about this @Anastasia. We will keep an eye on this.

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Where is the update on this Ring Central you are failing!

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@Kayden Myers Are you experiencing this issue?

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