Automatic Do Not Disturb When on a Call

  • 19 December 2020
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This question was apparently asked a long time ago without any response so I am going to post it again. Is there a way to set up a line to go straight to voicemail when a new call comes in and the user is already on a call?


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Hello @Sean Downey, you can use the call queue by setting up a "rotation" call, so it will just hunt the available users.

When the incoming calls to a call queue group are set to be distributed in the Rotating order, the distribution will be based on idle time.
• A Call Queue member that has no call is considered as "idle," or Available, and the Availability or Idle timer starts.
• The member with the longest idle time receives the next call from the queue.
• When a member answers an incoming call or places an outbound call, the timer gets reset.
• The member then goes to the bottom of the queue.

Click HERE on how you can configure it. Thank you!