Call out ont the app Extentions

  • 5 June 2019
  • 9 replies

One of our locations is in the 100 of extensions. We would like to be able to call these numbers from our app on our phone. As of right now the app things we are trying to dial out.

9 replies

I would like to be able to dial an ext. from the ring central app. Our extensions are in the 100 range and when you go to dial the ext. on the app the app thinks you are dialing 1 to call out. 
Hey Charley, are you receiving an error message? Is there a reason why you're not leveraging the Contacts section under the RC app since you're calling internally?

Do you have any screen shots you can share?

This is what it looks like if I want to dial ext. 101
it does now yes.
Hey Charley, if you tap the green button, does it dial the extension number? 
Hey Charley, I don't quite follow. Could you provide a more clear example of what's going on?
Hey Charley, are you by chance trying to dial a Limited Extension? I tested and have no issues dialing an extension that starts with 1
Ok good! Because you're starting out from the dial pad, the app is waiting to see if you have more numbers you want to type in. However, it recognizes that you've only typed in an extension number once you click the green button.