Can a delegate be assigned to answer calls for an ATA?

Hello all. I was looking to find a way to recreate the pick up feature found on other PBXs. I'd like to have calls ring a night bell via an ATA after hours, and assign a monitor key to several phones throughout the building to allow them to answer the call (without ringing all the phones). I know one way is to put all phones, plus the ATA in a call group, but that will ring the phones which I am hoping to not do. Can I assign up to 10 phones as delegates for an ATA and turn off ringing, or can this only be done from a user to another user?

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Your best bet would be to have the ATA on its own seat and add it as a presence line + allowing the 10 users to answer calls on behalf of the ATA. If you have a spare seat (such as one used for number porting that isn't in use), I'd change the seat name to be "night ringer", or whatever works best. Otherwise, you'd have to purchase an additional line if no spares are available.

If neither option works, you can make a custom rule on a seat and have the ATA ring for, say, 30 seconds and setup another random device as the second ringing device and still do the above. This would not require you to purchase anything additional and the calls likely should be answered within 30 seconds anyway, so it shouldn't terminate at the second ringing device.

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Thanks for sharing an answer, @tak-it1.