Can not receive more than 1 caller at a time (New Ring App) 2nd caller goes voicemail

  • 26 February 2020
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New Ring App (Issue)

1. Account Type = US

2. No case number (it was closed by rep)

3. Description (can not receive more than 1 call at time on App, 2nd call goes voicemail)

4. Called Support

5. Ring Central App Version

6. Only 1 User (me)

==== Details ==== (when calls are forward from work phone to mobile using Ring App)

I have my calls from my work phone in my office forwarded to my mobile (using the new ring central app).

So I am on my mobile phone talking to a client that was forwarded over from my work phone. A 2nd person calls my work phone but since I am already on a call, instead of my mobile phone ringing, it sends the 2nd caller to voicemail.

On the old Ring central application, my mobile would at least ring giving me the option to take that call. Now if I am on the phone, it just sends it directly to vociemail, my mobile does not even ring.

Maybe I have settings wrong on the new app? I did call support, they told me this feature is not available yet though on the new app and I should post here.

3 replies

Can we get some Quality control and regression testing before new apps are released. Refraining as best I can.
Interestingly we have just tested this as we have wanted the option to be able to prevent 2nd calls coming through when the user is already on the call and an option to divert direct to voicemail.
For us the 2nd call was still coming through even though the user was already on a call.

We are in the UK, using the ringcentral app on version

A key point to make though is that users want options - some users will want to be notified of further incoming calls, some (a lot based on other community posts) will want to accept a call and divert all others to voicemail for the duration of that call.

I'm following this hoping for more info from RingCentral though.......
Hi Dustin, 

If you're on an ongoing call, you can put it on hold and answer another incoming call. The app supports 2 lines of phone calls in phone iOS and Android. I think you may have something set differently in settings. I would open a call with Support so they can review your call settings and confirm.