Cost efficient way of call forwarding to cell user

  • 24 July 2019
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Scenario: we are a small 4 people company (Adam, Alice, George, Joe) using ring central Canada. What we previously done was setup three extensions: extension 1 for Adam with digital line (as default), extension 2 for support and extension 3 for sale. When extension 1 gets a call, it will forward ring to Adams cell phone. When extension 2 gets a call, it will forward ring to Adams cell phone and forward ring Joes cell phone. When extension 3 gets a call, it will forward ring to Georges cell phone and forward ring Alices cell phone. Each extension gets about 15 calls a month. When employee calls customer back, they use their cell phone plus the ring out feature, so clients see the single company number as caller ID and not employees private number.

When we sign up a few years ago, this was the recommended method and has worked okay under the pre-mobile user system. Is there a way to re-configure this, to maintain the pre-mobile user pricing? So that customer still phones the central number + extension and gets forward to cell phone, and any callback done still shows the central number as caller ID?

As it stands, I am already paying for each employees cell phone; I simply cannot justify paying $1000+ (incl. tax and fee) a year for ring central under the current mobile user (extension scheme). Essentially, I am only using ring central just as a simple call forwarding service. I cannot see digital line being of any use on each of the extension, as my employee are really just using cell phone line.

2 replies

Hi John, 

Just wanted to give you a couple resources about the mobile users. 

Here is a KB on how to manager mobile users:

And here is an FAQ:
Hi John,

Running into this same issue, but my business is much larger. Were you able to find a solution other than moving to a different solution?