Create extensions for internal communicatios

How can I create extensions for our employees to communicate internally? No need to place or receive external calls.


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This solution will depend on what level of RingCentral account you have provisioned.  If you account permits CUSTOM ROLES ---- do this

In the ROLES area of the Service Web portal - 

1. create a custom role  based on the Standard User.
2. and name it something like "Internal Users" so it indicates the limitation in the role name. 

Simply uncheck the Domestic Calls capability and leave Internal Calls   checked

Edit any other restrictions in the newly created role you may wish to add -  we allow viewing of the Call Logs but NOT DELETION OF LOGS ---(this choice is further down the list than I have in the attached photo. 

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Hi Cecile, thanks so much for your reply.

I don't know much about configurating RingCentral, but I believe this solution, which I followed, is for limiting access to domestic calls. My issue is that I created an extension without a phone or line, and I want my people to use the desktop app to communicate internally.

If I dial from the desktop app of this new extension to mine, it rings, but when I dial from my extension to the new one, it goes straight to voicemail. I guess I did something wrong when I created the new extension.

Sorry for not explaining myself well the first time.  
It must have associated line to work on the workaround I detailed above.   If using the RingCentral Desktop HUD app it will route to voicemail automatically because of no designated line. It still needs a line attached as the designated line as far as I know. 

I see. I thought it would be possible after I got an email from RingCentral about mobile users with no line that would be charged as regular users if they place calls. Thanks anyways!