Creating a single click SSO auto-login link to RingCentral Web App

  • 25 August 2020
  • 2 replies

We currently have SSO login to RC setup using Okta/SAML and when users click the RC app link on the Okta web portal it auto logins (using IdP SAML flow) and takes the user to RC Web Admin/My Extension portal. What I would like to do is add a new bookmark link on Okta/SSO web portal to allow users to auto login to web app, does anyone have an idea if that is possible? Maybe with a specially crafted link (ex: "<user email address>" or something similar)?

2 replies

Hi I am looking for the same thing, did you ever get this working?

Two years later and this still seems to be missing. I can redirect users to but not the app, which doesnt seem that user friendly to me.